When To Eat

Low Carb Eating with Intermittent Fasting (Optional).

  • Choose An Eating Window 8-12 Hours
  • Ideally Have Your First Meal After You Workout
  • Your Post Workout Meal and only your post workout meal should include some complex carbohydrates.
  • All other meals should consists of leafy greens and a protein.
  • Drink water and stay away from sugary drinks or alcohol.
  • The benefit of the way of eating is that you will be in a caloric deficit.  The post workout carb meal will spike you insulin and allow your muscles (gluteus) to repair and get stronger.

Tip:  Select a few meals that you enjoy eating and stick to these.  Don't try counting calories or anything like that.  Leafy greens will fill you up, but are not calorically dense foods.

By eating all of your calories within a 8 to 12 hour window, you body will be in a calorie burning state and you will lose inches not pounds.  You can't spot reduce fat, so it will come off all over.  Your workout and increased muscle mass will contribute to your body needed more energy and will tap into the fat reserves as your body is being programmed to maintain muscle due to the workout out, and will go the stored fat for its energy needs.

The cheat day is important so your body doesn't think it is starving.  The last thing you want is for your body to start storing fat.  Also, by giving your body nutritious food rather than stuff that comes in a box or can, the calories it does receive can actually be used.  Most overweight actually have bodies that suffer from malnutrition.  By giving the body good whole foods, your are programming it to go into the correct fat burning state, rather than the fat storing state.

Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated by drinking preferably filtered water.  One of the easies solution is to attach a water filter to the kitchen faucet.  Carry filtered water with you.  A good rule is that if your urine is clear then you are drinking the right amount of water.



What To Eat

Lean Proteins

Baked Chicken
Lean Beef


Leafy Green Vegetables 

Fruits Vegetables


Only Eat Carbs Within 1.5 hours of your workout for an insulin spike.
If you don't workout, do not eat any carbs.  Meaning, eat only low carb foods.

Bread, Pasta, Chips
Sweats (Cookies, Cakes, Candy, etc.)
Anything made from flour.
Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice

1 Cheat Day per weak.(required)

Eat What Ever You Want, including carbohydrates.  This way your bodies knows that its not starving even though its at a caloric deficit.  The cheat meal tells your body its ok to use your fat reserves as fuel, as opposed to making more fat cells and storing fat.